AI Presentation Helper

AI presentation help at your fingerprints! Use Writingmate to create your presentation drafts and easily share them to Google Slides.

Let be your Free AI Presentation Maker. With Writingmate you can:

  • Ask to suggest presentation slides for Google Slides and Microsoft PowerPoint.

  • Structurize and summarize any texts, reports, articles, and research in form convenient for a presentation slides

  • Automatically create Google Slides presentation while sharing the content.

  • Use presentation helper both in fullscreen mode and from a sidebar on any web page.

  • Generate Covers and Images for your presentation in different sizes and drawing styles.

🚀 Transform Text into Stunning Presentations

With Writingmate AI, creating presentations is no longer a daunting task. Simply use our AI Presentation Helper to:

  • Suggest Slides: Get AI-generated slide suggestions for Google Slides and Microsoft PowerPoint.

  • Structure Content: Easily structure and summarize texts, reports, articles, and research into presentation-friendly formats.

  • Automate Creation: Automatically create Google Slides presentations while seamlessly sharing content.

  • Versatile Use: Enjoy the flexibility of using the presentation helper in fullscreen mode or from a sidebar on any webpage.

  • Enhance with Visuals: Generate captivating covers and images for your presentations in various sizes and drawing styles.

Your Free AI Presentation Maker with GPT-4

Leverage the latest in AI technology with GPT-4 for free, making your presentation creation process smoother and more intuitive. Writingmate AI is not just an AI presentation maker; it's a revolutionary tool designed to elevate your presentations and bring your ideas to life in Google Slides.

🌐 Craft Presentations Like a Pro

Whether you're summarizing research, structuring reports, or brainstorming ideas, Writingmate AI's Presentation Helper ensures your content is presentation-ready. Forget about the hassle of manually organizing slides or worrying about design and aesthetics—our AI tool handles it all, allowing you to focus on your message.

🔥 Unleash Creativity and Efficiency

  • Create Presentation Drafts: Quickly draft your presentations with AI-powered assistance.

  • Share to Google Slides: Effortlessly share your AI-crafted presentations to Google Slides.

  • Generate Visuals: Add a professional touch with AI-generated covers and images, making your presentation stand out.

🚀 Get Started with AI Presentation Helper Today!

Elevate your presentation game with Writingmate AI. Add the AI Presentation Helper to Chrome for free and start creating compelling, visually stunning presentations without the usual stress or time commitment. Whether for academic, professional, or personal projects, Writingmate AI is your go-to solution for effortless presentation creation.

Step into the future of presentation making with Writingmate AI. With text to slides conversion, easy structuring of content, and direct sharing to Google Slides, crafting presentations has never been easier or more enjoyable. Try the AI Presentation Helper now and see the difference AI can make in your presentation creation process.

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