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Writingmate AI Copilot for Chrome allows you to use Prompts & Quick Actions – features aimed to enhance your writing and save your time.

Both features are crafted to improve your writing within Chrome, making it more effective and efficient.


This feature helps you quickly overcome writer's block by providing context-sensitive suggestions. It's designed to spark inspiration and guide the direction of your writing, whether it's an email, a report, or a creative piece.

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Quick Actions

Aimed at boosting efficiency, Quick Actions let you perform common writing tasks swiftly with a single click. Whether you need to reword a sentence or find a synonym, these actions integrate seamlessly into your writing flow, allowing you to edit and improve your text without breaking stride.

Writingmate AI quick actions

🚀 Write Better with Writingmate AI's Prompts

Ever get stuck on what to write next? Our Prompts feature is here to help. It gives you easy suggestions based on what you're writing. Whether it's an email, a report, or something creative, Prompts is like a helpful friend that gives you ideas. And the best part? You get to use GPT-4 for free to make your writing pop.

🔥 Work Faster with Quick Actions

Quick Actions make your writing faster. With just one click, you can change sentences or find new words. It fits right into your writing, so you can edit and make your text better without stopping. This AI tool makes writing smooth and keeps you going.

Why Writingmate AI?

Writingmate AI makes writing easier and better in Chrome. It's not just any AI tool; it's your partner in writing. With Prompts & Quick Actions, writing feels less like a chore and more like creating something great.

🌐 Try GPT-4 for Free with Writingmate AI

Writingmate AI uses the latest AI, GPT-4, for free, to help you write in smarter ways right in Chrome. Improve your writing, save time, and open up new chances to be creative with Writingmate AI.

🚀 Start with Writingmate AI Now!

Don't let writing challenges hold you back. Add Writingmate AI to Chrome for free and see how Prompts & Quick Actions can change your writing. Join the world of AI writing with Writingmate AI and make every writing task easy and full of creativity.Get ready to make writing simple and fun. With Writingmate AI, you're always one step ahead in your writing game. Dive into the future of writing with Writingmate AI and see your creativity soar.

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